Transformation Types

Transformations are broken down into the following categories: Combat, Non-Combat, Common, Rare, Divine and other.  Combat transformations are broken down into two further types: general transformations and race-specific transformations.

Transformation Procedure

Players can transform by using special transformation skills or by attaching a talisman to a bracelet. There are also transformation scrolls available through the new auction system, and a special type of transformation that utilizes armor obtained from Hellbound.

Players are automatically transformed when they acquire one of the cursed swords (Demonic Sword Zariche and Blood Sword Akamanah).

Acquiring the Transformation Skill

Barring some transformations achieved through the use of a scroll or talisman, a player must complete the “More than Meets the Eye” quest (level 50+) in order to learn the first transformation skill, Transform Onyx Beast.  The first transformation skill can be learned from the Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde (pictured right) on the second floor of the Ivory Tower.

A Transform Sealbook is required to learn additional transformation skills.

Cancelling Transformations

  • A transformation can be cancelled by using the Cancel Transformation skill.
  • A transformation is cancelled upon death.
  • If a transformation has been enabled by an item, it is cancelled upon un-equipping that item.
  • A transformation is cancelled after a certain period of time (dependant on the type of transformation being used).
  • A transformation is cancelled in water (with the exception of the cursed sword transformations).

Transformation Conditions and Restrictions

  • A player must not have a Servitor or Pet summoned in order to transform.
  • A player must not be riding a Strider or Wyvern in order to transform.
  • A player must not have the Mystic Immunity skill active in order to transform.
  • A player must not be on a moving ship in order to transform.
  • A player cannot use a ferry while transformed.
  • If a cursed sword is acquired while transformed, the cursed-sword transformation will override the current one.
  • Transformation skills are not shared between your main and subclass.

 Transformation State

  • A player may only use transformation-specific skills while transformed.  All normal skills will be replaced with transformation-specific skills.
  • The effects of buffs and debuffs remain when a player transforms.
  • When a player transforms, the stats of the transformation type are applied.
  • Players cannot challenge other players to a duel or party duel while transformed.
  • When a player is transformed by a cursed sword, the name of the respective cursed sword will replace the character’s name. Also, the name of the cursed sword appears in the Chat Window instead of the player’s name, and the player holding the cursed sword cannot use the Shout and the Trade channels. (The original name is shown in Clan Chat, Alliance Chat, and whispers.)
  • Players cannot switch or add a subclass while they are transformed.
  • Players cannot transform during the Grand Olympiad Games.