Gourds have run amock!

Ever the peace loving farmer, Gardener Fordson's magical gourd seeds are a favorite among the community. And with his generous and gregarious nature, Fordson has always been happy to share his enchanted seeds with the residents of Aden, Elmore and Gracia.

But the unthinkable has just happened. These seeds, which Fordson has nurtured with such love and care, have been tainted by evil. Unbeknownst to the farmer, he harvested on a plot of land known as the Execution Grounds. Had he known the history and malevolence associated with this place, he never would have stepped foot on that land, let alone plant on it. What happened next was nothing short of a nightmare.

As the plants grew, they became infused with all the hate and anger and despair of the spirits who had died there. And when they reached maturity, they uprooted themselves and ran away. And like evil villains bent on world domination, they sought out Fordson's other gourd patches and cross-pollinated themselves with the normal crops. And now, nearly all the seeds that Fordson possesses are touched with evil!

Since Fordson can't bring himself to destroy all these seeds, he has sent Buzz the Cat to all major towns in an effort to pawn his seeds off on any who are brave enough to grow them. He is hoping that the rewards gained from killing his gourds will act as compensation for the potential hazard of growing these sometimes vicious squash.

Please help Fordson get rid of these pernicious perennials.

General Information

Nectar can be obtained by defeating monsters that are near your level of experience. Trade your stock of nectar to Buzz the Cat for enchanted seeds and grow your own magical squash. After planting a seed, feeding your fledgling squash enough nectar will make it grow. You must then break it open to harvest your prize! Hitting a squash before it has fully grown will cause it to wilt from lack of nutrition, so be careful. Also, since these magical squash will disappear after a short while, take care to crack it open before it gets away.

Squash Seeds can grow into Low Quality Squash, High Quality Squash, or King Squash. Large Squash Seeds can now turn into one of two types of special squash: Large Squash, or Emperor Squash! The latter squash can't be pried open with a regular weapon. Chronicle souvenir weapons must be used. These large squash will require the help of many people in order to break it before it disappears. Chrono Darbukas can be purchased from Buzz the Cat during this event in exchange for your gathered nectar.

Event Items

Icon Item Name Description
Squash Seed Double-click it and a young squash will appear.
Large Squash Seed Double-click it and a large young squash will appear.
Cloned Squash Seed Double-click it and a young squash will appear. This item cannot be exchanged or dropped.
Cloned Large Squash Seed Double-click it and a large young squash will appear. This item cannot be exchanged or dropped.
Nectar Buzz the Cat will give you a squash seed for it, or it may be used to grow a squash.
Chrono Darbuka Chronicle IV Souvenir!!! This item is needed to break open large squash.


Prizes include potions, armor and weapon enchantment scrolls, soul crystals, and more. Remember, you must work to break the squash open quickly or the squash will vanish.

Although the Nectar will stop dropping after maintenance on June 16th, Buzz the Cat will remain in villages until the beginning of maintenance on Tuesday, June 23rd. All event items (excluding the Chrono Darbuka and event rewards) will be removed on June 23rd. This includes all seed types as well as Nectar.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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