Lineage II Fan Art
Fan Art Submissions

Are you a budding artist and want to show off your Lineage II art? Put those pencils and brushes to work and send us your Lineage II fan art for display on the official web site!

Any original medium is acceptable, and artwork will be chosen based upon its portrayal of the Lineage II world and characters. Your real or character name (depending upon preference) and server will be displayed with the artwork on the official web site.

Please use the following guidelines for submissions:

  • The picture must be submitted as a JPG, between 100 x 100 pixels and 500 x 500 pixels, and be less than 380KB in size.

  • The image must not be offensive or violate the Lineage II User Agreement in any other way.

  • You may use the art and logos in the Lineage II Fansite Kit in your work, but you may not use any other materials that you do not own the rights to and utilize them for your fan art. Likewise, taking an image and altering it slightly (via Adobe Photoshop, for example), then presenting it as your own work is strictly prohibited.

Submissions should be entered via our Support Center using the "Ask a Question" link. Please be sure to select "Screenshots & Player Stories" under the Department drop-down menu and then attach your image file to the submission. Please include your real name and character name and server to which the artwork may be credited, and let us know how you’d like to be listed.

All submissions become the property of NCsoft and may be used for advertising or promotional purposes. NCsoft reserves the right to refuse to use any images regardless of criteria.