Game Features

Maximize your Lineage® II fun with new and revamped content, and an improved leveling curve.

Lineage® II moves to a new level of sophistication and game design elegance in Goddess of Destruction™. This huge game update has revamped seven years of content. It offers you 8 new classes with new skills for each of them and potent endgame powers. Obtain over 400 new weapons and armor items (and customize them), conquer 60 new raid bosses, and explore 34 new hunting zones. Enjoy new instanced Clan housing, new fast travel options, a new party matching system, 20 hours of Vitality a week (shareable across your characters), and an evolved game engine that delivers more natural and realistic movement.


Auction House

Buy and sell tradable items here.

Goddess of Destruction™ brings a popular MMORPG feature to Lineage® II—the Auction House. The Auction House is a server-wide sales system that, for a small fee, allows a player to put a tradable item up for sale. Sellers can list items for any price they choose. When a buyer purchases an item, the Auction House transfers the item into the buyer's inventory and transfers the payment to the seller.

The Sales tab allows you to easily find an item you want to buy. You can browse for items by searching for item quality, item grade, and keyword. All of the items that match your search are displayed in a list. You can sort the list by item name, grade, quantity (useful when searching for stackable items), and price. You can also browse items by category. If your inventory or weight capacity is too full to receive an item you purchase, you must make room in your inventory before you can make the purchase.

Auction HouseThe Registration tab allows you to put your own items up for sale. From a display of the items in your inventory that can be sold via the Auction House, you select the item you want to sell, decide on a price, and decide how many days you want to leave the item up for sale. The item goes on sale right away. The longest you can leave an item up for sale is seven days, but each day adds to the small fee you must pay to the Auction House. The Registration tab also shows a list of items you currently have up for sale. When someone purchases an item from your list, you receive the purchase amount by in-game mail. If your item is not purchased by the time its registration period expires, the item is returned to you. If you change your mind, you can remove an item from sale and the item will be moved back into your inventory. The Auction House item registration fee is not refundable. If your inventory or weight capacity is too full to receive the item you removed from sale, you must make room in your inventory before you can retrieve the item.

The Auction House can be accessed by speaking to a Trade Broker NPC in any major city.

Items and Appearance

Ramp up to a new item system, new endgame gear, and new hairstyles.

In Lineage® II: Goddess of Destruction™, Awakened characters can obtain new armor, weapons, and cloaks and select from new hairstyles. By wearing these new items, you make a clear statement that you have passed the Awakening tests. Characters who are not yet ready to Awaken are not neglected either, as Goddess of Destruction brings exciting changes and perks to the item systems in Lineage® II.

Armor and Weapons

R-Grade Items

Goddess of Destruction introduces the new R item grade, exclusive to high-level characters. R-grade has four tiers of items, each corresponding to a character's level: R-grade (for characters at level 85 or higher), R90-grade, R95-grade, and R99-grade. Characters can use items from the respective R-grade tier or lower when their character level reaches a particular character level (Level 85 for R-grade, Level 90 for R90-grade, and so on). After Awakening, Kamaels can join the rest of the character races in being able to equip all R-grade armor types, regardless of their class. All R-grade items have specific looks for each race, character type, and gender. Also, the use of Kamael weapons is no longer exclusive to that race.

Item System Changes

In the new item system, most items that drop in the game will be Unidentified. All Common items currently in the game will become Unidentified items in Goddess of Destruction. Unidentified items can be traded, dropped, and sold, but cannot be equipped or enchanted.

To use an item, a character must double-click on the Unidentified item. The Unidentified item then changes into a Bound, Standard, or Blessed item, decided at random. Bound, Standard, and Blessed items can be altered with enchantments. Bound items cannot be traded or sold to others, but a Bound item can be converted into a Standard item with an Unbind Scroll or by speaking to a special NPC. Standard and Blessed items can be traded or sold. Bound and Standard items get a lesser stat boost from enchanting than Blessed items.


Awakened characters can craft a large number of items, regardless of their race or class. Dwarves, however, remain the masters of crafting. They specialize in creating the highest quality R-grade items.

Other Changes

All private shops, warehouses, workshops, and other shops will receive additional item slots. Arrow and bolt quivers will never empty. These changes (and others) let characters of all levels acquire equipment more easily in Goddess of Destruction.


Compete monthly in new game categories to be admired as a bronze statue.

The Museum is a majestic and intricately decorated building that towers over the other structures in Talking Island Village. Inside, hologram images depict each of the character races, and twelve pedestals display the bronze statues of the top-ranking player characters.

The Museum is more than a magnificent building. Is also a new system in Lineage® II: Goddess of Destruction™ that keeps track of details and statistics about each individual character's progress and achievements, as well as those of the entire game server.

The Museum Building

After Ye Sagira crashed into Talking Island, scholars came to investigate the ruins and began finding relics of the Giant race. The Museum was built to house those relics. The head scholar, Pantheon, is stationed inside the Museum building. He is the first to welcome new characters when they enter the game.

The Museum System

Lineage® II players embody the challenge and intensity of the game. Now, the top characters on the server each month will be recognized with bronze statues. The game collects the statistics of all characters. On the first day of every month, all characters are ranked in each of several categories. The top-ranked character in each of those categories has a bronze statue erected in his or her image that will be displayed in the Museum for the month.

MuseumYou will be able to view the statues in the Museum and across Aden in other places. You can interact with the statues to read the statistics of top characters. After a month's winners have been determined, the monthly ranking resets, and the competition begins again.

You will be able to access the Museum system interface panel by speaking to an NPC inside the Museum, or via the revamped control panel in the main game interface. The Museum interface panel shows the totals for the last month as well as those for your character's entire existence. You can read your own character's record and learn how many experience points and how much Adena you've gained, your total hours played, how many quests you've completed, how many times you've killed and been killed, how many wars your clan has won, and much more.

You can watch the Museum statistics to see who's ranked where. Maybe one day your character's statue will be displayed in the Museum!

Top ranked players will have a bronze statue of their character displayed in the Museum.


Travel more quickly with two new modes of transportation.

Jump Routes

The jump ability lets your character bound and leap across long distances along a preset path. Jump points are marked on the map. They indicate where you can begin a jump route. Some starting points offer different choices of route. Once you jump from a starting point, you can choose your route in midair. This new method of moving quickly from point to point speeds travel and is just plain fun!

Transportation - Jump video Transportation - Mount


You'll travel fashionably and show off the fact that you've reached the pinnacle of skill in Lineage II when you ride on your new mount! Every Awakened character has to its own class-specific mount. Summoning the mount is one of the many special skills Awakened characters receive.

Provisional Clan Halls

Experience the community and game benefits of owning a Clan Hall.

Clans, groups of characters who band together to play and to socialize, can acquire Clan Halls. Clan Halls provide impressive spaces for Clan members to gather in and benefits for a Clan. Depending on the kind of Clan Hall, benefits include warehouse space to house Clan items, and perks such as special Clan Hall vendors that sell exclusive items or give out buffs.

Lineage® II currently offers Clans the opportunity to own Conquerable Clan Halls and Auctionable Clan Halls. Conquerable Clan Halls are won as part of PvP battles or special mini-games. Auctionable Clan Halls are bid for at auction. Once they are won, a Clan owns an Auctionable Clan Hall permanently unless the Clan surrenders it (or ceases to exist as a Clan).

Goddess of Destruction™ adds a third type of Clan Hall: These instanced Provisional Clan Halls. Provisional Clan Halls allow many Clans who could not otherwise own a Clan Hall the opportunity to experience the community and benefits of owning one. Provisional Clan Halls are auctioned every two weeks, and once won, are owned for four weeks. They then go up for auction again among the Clans that want to bid and that do not already own another type of Clan Hall.

The three styles of Provisional Clan Halls are Orchid Hall, Ellia Hall, and Laurell Hall. To bid on either Orchid Hall or Ellia Hall, a Clan must be level 5 or higher. To bid on Laurell Hall, a Clan must be level 8 or higher.

Orchid Hall Laurel Hall Ellia Hall
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