NPC Changes

The raid boss Ice Fairy Sirra is not longer present in the game. She has returned to her nonmagical form and is involved in the Freya lore and quest line.

Many PvP area NPCs are now higher level:

PvP Area Previous NPC level Current NPC level
Aden Castle7480
Rune Castle7480
Castle Instance
Fortress Instance
Gludio Castle
Dion Castle
Giran Castle
Innadril Castle
Oren Castle
Goddard Castle
Schuttgart Castle
Fortress Siege Instances
(other than Rune)
Fortress Monster Prison6975
Fortress of the Dead6976
Devastated Castle6976
Wild Beast Reserve6073
Bandit Stronghold6073
Fortress of Resistance4870

News Informer

The News Informer NPCs can be found in each town or village after any new game update is live. These NPCs have a variety of helpful functions:

  • They can give you information on the new and revamped hunting areas, and prove direct teleports to these updated areas.
  • The News Informer for the Freya expansion will remain in game for one month, during which players must complete these quests through the News Informer. The player community will be reminded before this NPC (and the possibility of finishes these quests) is removed, on September 21, 2010.
  • They can provide rewards for quests that have been removed or altered in this update, preventing players from being able to complete these quests naturally. This update's altered quests include:
    • Guardians of the Holy Grail (This quest is being removed.)
    • Delicious Top Choice Meat (This quest is considerably altered.)
    • Influx of Machines (This quest is considerably altered.)