Blood Sword Akamanah


A new cursed dual sword, Blood Sword Akamanah, has been added.

The item’s creation, expiration, and PvP rules are identical to those for the Demonic Sword Zariche. The Zariche or Akamanah will automatically expire 24 hours after the final PK with the sword. A system message will show the cursed sword’s remaining time by showing how much time has passed since the final PK.

When a player that carries the Zariche or Akamanah is killed, the ratio of each sword’s drop and automatic expiration has been changed to 50:50.

When a player that carries Zariche and a player that carries Akamanah attack one another, the recipient’s CP is reduced to 0. The same rules also apply in the opposite instance.

When a player that controls Akamanah acquires Zariche, the newly-acquired Zariche automatically disappeared, and the equipped Akamanah's level increases by 1. The same rules also apply in the opposite instance.

When you acquire a cursed sword (Zariche or Akamanah), two active skills are granted. The bearer of the Zariche or Akamanah gains the skills Void Flow and Void Burst in the active skills list. Once the weapon is equipped, a short refresh time must be observed before the skills are ready for use.